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This tutorial is for construction of the one size pocket diaper cover found here.

This will be my basic tutorial, which can be used for making waterproof diaper covers as well as pocket diaper covers! The photos and main directions are for a one size pocket diaper with a cute printed outer. I am making a snap up one size diaper, but as my 5 month old is already on the largest size, I believe the snaps could be left off for a good fitting 18+ pound cover if you do not have access to a professional snap press.

SEWING LEVEL: Medium, curve and stretch and sew capabilities needed

Pattern –
1/4″ braided polyester elastic – 18″ per diaper
Guuterman 100% polyester thread (no cotton in your thread)
Loop velcro for the front – 10″ if making my one size pattern ( I prefer 1.5″ wide)
Hook velcro for the wing tabs – 4″ – ( I prefer 1.5″ wide)
You will need at least 2 layers to use this method called turn and topstitch. For a cover, at least one of them needs to be waterproof, so this can be 2 layers of THIN 100% soft wool ( I prefer cashmere or merino), or it can be one layer of PUL (polyeruethane laminate)and one layer of a soft polyester liner like thin microfleece or suedecloth. I prefer to buy my PUL in white and add an extra thin layer on the outside of a cute polyester print, making it 3 layers. You can get maybe 4 diapers out of a yard of materials depending on your pattern and placement. For a pocket diaper, the inner HAS to be a wicking material (suedecloth prefered)
Optional: Snap press and resin snaps ( I recommend KAM brand, not handheld pliers)


Pre-wash all materials before cutting. Use Ecover liquid, All small and mighty free and clear, Mountain Green , Charlie’s soap, Publix free and clear, Country Save (wal mart) or a detergenet WITHOUT brighteners which can break down cover laminates, and scents which can irritate baby. Wool needs to be washed on HOT and “felted” well in the dryer to close up the knit holes.

Print your pattern, making sure the inch box is true to size, or resize to fit.

Trace pattern onto pieces marking elastic notches and snap placements (if using).
For cover or pocket cover plain, cut one liner and one PUL
For cover or pocket as in this tutorial, cut one liner, one PUL, and one poly outer
For wool, cut 2 wool
You also need to cut a piece of backing PUL or suedecloth to reinforce behind the snaps and velcro at the front. Just trace the pattern at the front down to below the snap/velcro line. Wool is so strechy that if you are using it, you need to leave off the snaps, or reinforce with a non-stretch material to keep the snaps from popping out.

Line up reinforcement layer with OUTER layer on the wrong side of outer and pin in place. This will be your PUL, Outer Wool, or third decorative poly layer.

Sew Loop (soft) velcro through both layers centered and right above top snap marks onto the right side of the outer layer.

Set snaps: top row studs and bottom two rows sockets through both layers

On LINER layer, cut a slit 5 inches long in the middle near the elastic notches on the BACK of the diaper. I fold in half, measure 2.5 inches and cut V notches at the ends.

Turn under edges of your slit and topstitch around, this will be your stuffing slit!

Line up layers: right side of outer to right side of liner and if using a third layer it will be the hidden PUL and that can go on either side sticky side hidden. More waterproof if against suedecloth liner, but see note below.

Sew through all layers with 3/8″ seam allowance. If your suedecloth or liner is hidden by the PUL layer, you must leave a little hole for turning at the belly side front, if not, sew all the way around!

Trim corners and curves close to seam

Sew leg elastics with 5″ or 6″ of elastic (bigger for chubbier babies) Start at one notch and stretch to full stretch while you sew with a zigzag stitch to the other notch. Repeat at each leg and at back. I use 5″ at the legs and 6″ at the back.
Be sure to BACKTACK the ends of your elastics well!

Turn diaper through slit in liner or at the hole at top front. If you turned through the hole, topstitch it closed.

Topstitch at back BELOW the elastic, stretching it while sewing.

OPTIONAL (not shown) Topstitch all around the whole diaper going AROUND the elastic at the legs instead of through it, stretching while sewing.

Cut 2 pieces of hook (scratchy) velcro about 2 inches long each. Sew them onto the liner side of the wings, backtacking and making sure it is on there well! I sew 1/2 on the wing and 1/2 off, but if you have a skinny babe, it can be sewn all the way on the tab.

And you are done!!!