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For thicker wool sweaters, instead of using our turn and topstitch repurposing tutorial, you can use this one.  You get an extra wrap without many extra steps!  You will need one large wool sweater that is not too scratchy.  Felt it by washing on warm and machine drying.  You need to watch it closely and check it often, you only want to shrink it to about a 1/4″ thickness, like a thick sweatshirt.  Once shrunk, you can’t really unshrink it 🙂

Materials needed:  One large 80% or more thick wool sweater.  1/4″ and 1/2″ elastic.  Pattern .  and Polyester FOE, wool binding, OR strips of fleece for binding.

You can use the same patterns as the turn and topstich, (look here under diaper patterns or use your own favorite one) but you need to TRIM OFF 1/4″ from the leg edges since we will be binding it.  Those are the longest curved edges of the pattern.

Follow basic instructions for cutting and making the pants found here.  Then for the diaper covers, we are going to do things a bit differently.

1.  We will be making 2 covers, so just set aside one of your layers until you are finished with the first.  This way, you can correct any mistakes easily.

2.  IF YOU ARE USING BINDING OR STRIPS OF FLEECE OR WOOL:  Mark where you elastic is going to go on the legs and back.  Cut 1/4″elastic pieces (usually 6″ -7″ long) and stitch right next to the edge on the WRONG side of the diaper.  You will be stretching the elastic as you sew it.  Use a zig zag or 3 step zig zag if possible.  Stay right next to the edge!  You don’t want the wool to stretch while you are sewing so try to push it in, as you are pulling elastic out.  (you will get the hang of it!).  Be sure to backtack at each end of elastic to secure.  IF YOU ARE USING FOE, DO NOT SEW ELASTIC.

3.  Sew loop (soft) velcro piece across the top front of your dipe

4.  For our binding, if you are using strips, cut long pieces that are 1.25″ wide.  You can sew strips together if you need to, but is not preferred.   Start on the back edge on the WRONG side of diaper to the left of the elastic.  Your diaper is going to be laying with the back side at your left hand and the front side toward your right.  Wrong side up.  Place the beginning of your binding strip right side down (if applicable) with its left side edge flush against the edge of your back.  Sew 1/4″ or a little more away from the edge.  You will go around the wing and then down the leg seam and when you get to the elastic, it should be to the left of your needle.  Don’t catch  your elastic while sewing and stretch it out while you stitch.  Go all the way around until you get to the back again.  Stretch the back elastic like you did the legs then keep going till you overlap you start by a little.  Trim excess binding.   Flip to the right side of your diaper and fold the binding over.  Turn under the edge 1/4″-1/3″ inch and topstitch all the way around on the right side like you did the underside about 1/4-1/3″ away from the edges.  Stretch through your elastics and when you reach the starting point again, secure edges and zig zag over raw edge that is showing.

5.  If you are using FOLDOVER ELASTIC, just bind without stretching until you reach your elastic marks, stretch to full capacity as you sew the legs and back, and close it off in the back.

6.  Add hook velcro tabs to the wings, on the wrong side, and you are done!