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This sew-a- long is for use with the MiaLa Pocket Skirt Pattern.  I will be making the size small skirt above in most of the photos, but all sizes are made the same.

1/2″ Seam allowance unless otherwise noted.

First, double check all measurements and lay out your fabric.  Be sure to cut one pocket one way, then flip the pattern to cut the second pocket.  I like to change the direction of the fabric print for the pockets so that it contrasts with the skirt.

Measure UP from your long bottom edge of skirt Front and skirt Back.  (Your large rectangular pieces) Each size has a different measurement to mark.  Mark this line with pins or fabric chalk/pencil on the back side all the way across both pieces.

Bind pockets:  Gather long bottom edge of pocket between dots, then bind with contrast strip.  Bind top edge the same way.  Photo below shows binding on pocket, right sides both DOWN.

Photo below shows folding the binding around to right side.

Then fold over again and topstitch, shown below

Do not worry about the short raw edges of the pockets.  Just bind the top and bottom.  Once all pockets are bound,  pin to the skirt front.  Align the larger of the raw edges to the side edge and the upper raw edge exactly on your line that you marked earlier.  Use lots of pins as the skirt will gather at the top, but has to be strait across the bottom :

Reposition if needed and make sure both sides are the same.  Then stitch the LONG bottom and side edge and raw edges only.  Stitch near the outermost edge.  Yeay, pockets!

Sew skirt front to skirt back by laying them right sides together and stitching ONE side.  (Either side).

Then take your two longest contrast pieces and lay them right sides together at the short ends.  Stitch together making one super long strip.  Remember to backtack at the start and finish of each stitch line!

Fold your long strip in half , right sides out, and place along the bottom of your large skirt piece with raw edges even and fold of the strip pointing up to the top of skirt.   Pin and stitch 1/2″ from raw edge.

It should be exactly as long as the skirt.

Now for the waist…You will take a tuck along the mark where the pockets end.  Be sure to keep this nice and strait (mark with extra pins if needed).  Fold along your mark right sides together across whole skirt so that the tuck is on the backside.  Stitch on the skirt’s wrong side 1/4″ away from fold.  Will try to insert a photo of this (missed this step).  You will ENCASE the top raw edge of the pocket in this little tuck.

Now is a good time to press all your seams!

Fold skirt right sides together and stitch up the other side seam of the skirt.  (Backtack!)

For the elastic casing you will fold the top edge of the skirt under (toward the wrong side) 1/4″ , then fold down again 1″-1 1/8″.  Stitch as close to that bottom folded edge as possible and on TOP of the stitch line you made with the tuck. This stitch line will show on the outside and needs to be a consistent 1″ wide.   You will make this channel all the way around the skirt leaving a 2-3″ hole when you get back to where you started.

Hook your cut elastic piece with a safety pin and thread through the channel

Make sure your elastic is not twisted in the channel and pull out a few inches on each side.  Overlap ends 1/2″ and stitch a few seams to secure.

Feed your elastic back into the channel, stitch your hole closed, adjust elastic and you are done!  Email with any questions, and good  luck!