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origami simple catsWe used Christmas colored construction paper for these large paper cats.  You need rectangle shaped paper, not traditional origami squares.

Our inspiration came from the tiny tiny clay origami cat my oldest friend made (shown below)

photo (58)

You can google search Simple or Easy Origami cat to come up with the instructions, but here is a screen shot of the method we used (no longer valid).  This was a bit challenging for my 3 year old, but she loved it with some help.  It was a breeze for my crafty 9 year old.

photoWhat is cut off is… the first step is to fold the paper in half longways.  The last step is to curl the tail around.  A pencil or even a finger works great for this.  My girls strayed from the traditional origami way and drew eyes on the cats and used some tape to keep the thick construction paper in proper form at the end…eek, but ok 🙂

We spent a good couple of hours making these along with some even easier scotty dogs.  Fun crafting with the kids!